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EL-R Series: Linear Regulated Precision DC Bench Power Supplies

Precision with Simplicity

The EL-R series offers higher precision whilst retaining the simplicity of operation which many bench-top power supply users prefer, adding four-digit meters and switchable remote sensing,

Eight models are offered including single, dual and triple outputs and covering a power range of 30 watts up to 130 watts.


Model Output 1 Output 2 Output 3 Power
EL301R 30V/1A 30W
EL183R 18V/3.3A 60W
EL302R 30V/2A 60W
EL561R 56V/1.1A 60W
EL155R 15V/5A 75W
EL303R 30V/3A 90W
EL302RD 30V/2A 30V/2A 120W
EL302RT 30V/2A 30V/2A 1.5 - 5V/2A 130W


Specs EL-R series specifications
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