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EL-R Series DC Supplies: DC Output Switches, Safety Binding Post Terminals

DC output switches

DC switches icon Each main output has a DC on-off switch. This enables voltage and current settings to be viewed before the load is connected and allows multiple outputs to be controlled individually. Surprisingly, many power supplies omit this essential feature.

Safety binding-post terminals

safety terminals icon EL-R series power supplies are fitted with the new TTi designed output terminals. These can accept a 4mm safety plug with rigid insulating sleeve, a requirement specified by an increasing number of laboratories for safety reasons. However, unlike the 4mm safety sockets used on some other products, the new TTi terminals can also accept fork connectors or bare wires, giving maximum connection flexibility.

Simplicity in use

Analogue controls icon EL-R series power supplies use classic analogue controls for voltage and current. The large and bright displays have a fixed resolution to avoid confusion. Preset voltage and current levels are shown when the DC output switch is turned off. Remote sense is available when needed but is disabled by setting the switch to Local.