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EL-R Series DC Supplies: Linear Regulation, Silent Cooling

Linear regulation

Linear regulation icon All EL-R series models* use true linear regulation for the best possible performance. Excellent line and load regulation is matched by very low output noise and good transient response. * Note that the third (auxiliary) output on the EL302RT uses switch-mode final regulation.

Constant Voltage / Constant Current

Constant voltage/Constant Current icon Each main output can operate in constant voltage or constant current mode with automatic crossover and mode indication. Coarse and fine voltage controls are provided. The current control is logarithmic enabling low current levels to be set accurately.

Silent cooling

Silent cooling icon All EL-R series models use convection cooling and are entirely free of fan noise.

Simplicity in use

Simplicity in use icon EL-R series power supplies use classic analogue controls for voltage and current. The large and bright displays have a fixed resolution to avoid confusion. Preset voltage and current levels are shown when the DC output switch is turned off. Remote sense is available when needed but is disabled by setting the switch to Local.